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Barbeque Coal and Fire Wood Lighter Fluid

EKOFUEL - Barbeque coal and fire wood lighter fluid (coming soon). 

Based on ethyl alcohol in accordance with EN 1860-3 norm, it is available in either 0.5lt or 1lt bottles, this dual purpose product is perfect for starting barbeques briquettes or fire wood. Simply squirt on to your coals or wood and ignite. The ethanol gel will quickly get your coals or wood burning naturally. Because this product is based on bioethanol, it is clean, non smelling, non smoking, non sooting and dissapears quickly to leave the natural products burning. No longer do you have to wait an hour before for the horrible paraffin smell from barbeque firelighters dissapears to start cooking. This product is just at home starting your wood burning fire. Squirt on to your kindling, ignite and watch how quickly the fire starts.

With safety in mind, this fluid is supplied in a gel state that facilitates the safe coating of the coals or wood when the bottle is squeezed. In adddition, the gel state of the fluid also suppresses the flamability of the fluid and reduces risks should someone want to squirt the fluid onto a live burning set of coals or logs.

This dual purpose product is ideal for the retailer and can be sold in both the winter and summer months.

Key benefits are:

  • non toxic doesn't contain paraffin 
  • works very fast
  • it is very safe in use and environmentally friendly
  • does not influence the taste of grilled food
  • is certified with PZH (National Institute of Public Health) 
  • clean burning, non sooting, non smoking
  • non smelling unlike paraffin based products
  • Ideal for lighting your fireplace and barbeques



 EKOFUEL  -box of 12 x 1 litre fire lighter fluid for BBQ coals and fire wood

Perfect for starting your wood burning fireplace and your BBQ.

Box size 35 x 27cm x 26cm . Weight 11.22 Kg's





EKOFUEL -box of 18 x 0.5 litre fire lighter fluid for BBQ coals and fire wood

 Perfect for starting your wood burning fireplace and your BBQ.

Box size 40cm x 21cm x 24cm. Weight 8.84Kg's 



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